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I offer services that take full advantage of artificial intelligence tools.


Text & Content



Generated Content


Image Generation

Image Generation

I offer various styles of artificial image generation based on prompts and source material.

Text and Automation Generation

Text & Content Generation

With the popularization of ChatGPT and other AI services a lot of what
has been seen as tedious tasks can now be quickly automated. AI can
extrapolate information, creating both visual and text content
that is a perfect base to keep productivity flowing. 

Generated Content Editing

Generated Content Editing

While artificial intelligence is reaching human-like outputs, it
doesn't always create something flawless. Editing ensures
that content is proprietary, accurate, and functional.

Text generated by ChatGPT.

Olivia Taylor was born in a small town in upstate New York in 1985. From an early age, she was a voracious reader, devouring everything from classic literature to contemporary romance novels. Her love of reading eventually led her to pursue a degree in English literature at a prestigious university in the



After graduation, Olivia began working as an editor at a publishing house in New York City. While she loved her job, she always dreamed of writing her own book. In her spare time, she would write short stories and submit them to literary magazines, but she never felt confident enough to pursue a full-length



It wasn't until Olivia turned 30 that she decided to

take the plunge and write her first book. She spent countless nights and weekends working on her manuscript, pouring her heart and soul into the story. Finally, after months of hard work, she had a finished product: a gripping mystery novel set in the Adirondack Mountains.


Since then, Olivia has written several more books, including a series of cozy mysteries set in small-town America. Her books have been praised for their relatable characters, page-turning plots, and charming settings. Olivia is now a full-time writer, and she lives in a cozy cottage in the Catskills with her husband and two dogs. When she's not writing, she can be found hiking in the woods or curled up with a good


Same text edited to sound more human.

Olivia Taylor was born in a small upstate New York community, a happy, healthy baby girl in 1985. As she grew into a young woman, she became an avid reader, absorbing everything from modern romance novels to works of classic literature. Because of her passion for the written word, she eventually decided to pursue a career in English literature.


Olivia was accepted at Stanford University and after four grueling years of hard work, she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree with Distinction in English literature. Following graduation, she became a junior editor at the esteemed Simon & Schuster publishing company in NYC. She adored her role, but she was aware there was something missing and began penning her own work in private. On her thirtieth birthday, she decided to take the terrifying plunge and begin writing her first full novel.


After months of diligent writing and more than one melt down, Olivia finally completed a suspenseful mystery set in the Adirondack Mountains that she was lucky to publish less than year later. She has not looked back since, turning one book into a series of five best selling novels filled with lovable characters, captivating settings, and more than one shocking twist.


Olivia continues to write full and short stories from her charming home in upstate New York. She spends her free time reading or going on nature hikes with her husband (Eric) and two dogs (Kinzie and Ralph). She also spends way too much time online and loves receiving supportive messages from her fans.

Who owns content created by artificial intelligence?

In America, the emerging ability to use artificial intelligence to generate content means that the output falls under the public domain licensing.

"Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA) designates the human “author” of computer-generated works as “the person by whom the arrangements necessary for the creation of the work are undertaken” and protection lasts for 50 years from the date the work is created." 

This means that any content that is created could be under ownership of the platform that created it, unless it is edited to be unique or the service hands over ownership in payment structures. Always read the ownership terms from any platform tool you use and edit any content created when your intent is to use that content as a sellable product.

If you like to inquire about my artificial intelligence work,
please contact me with any questions that you
might have.

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